Bug Report

Before filing your bug report, please review the list of known bugs to see if the SiteFarm team is already aware of the issue.

If you find a bug that isn't in this list, please contact the team at sitefarm@ucdavis.edu.

List of Known Bugs

Current as of September 27, 2017

  • If a Block description Content related by Tags is used but there is less than 5 related the title gets repeated
  • Events - If the event filter start date field is left empty, the search filter will fail
  • AggieFeed - not allowing multiple selected feeds to display
  • Person pages are not migrating from Cascade to SiteFarm
  • The update migration action needs to be updated for clarity for the Cascade Migration tool
  • The "Delete Migration" action entry needs to be rewritten for clarity for the Cascade Migration tool
  • Multi-column bullet points are partially hidden in columns 2+
  • Caption text is hard to read when image added to body of Basic block
  • External links added to the menu will cause the sub_main_menu block to not display
  • Custom submenu blocks based on 'Main navigation' menu block are not displaying the Title when selected to do so
  • Photo gallery - swipe options in the gallery don't work
  • Photo gallery - directional arrows aren't displaying
  • Photo gallery - the promotions section should not contain "promote to front page" option
  • Blocks won't automatically refresh when edited. User winds up having to "clear caches" to manually refresh content.
  • On edit, the primary navigation links rearrange themselves
  • Footer - content added to this region is stacking instead of fitting itself across the field, side by side
  • Site logo - users are unable to replace the default SiteFarm logo with their own, or choose not to use a logo at all
  • Links embedded in body content are very hard to see
  • Article content type - the Related Photo Gallery title is displaying even if a gallery has not been attached
  • Person - The mechanism that will auto-populate the person title from the person name doesn't work