Feature Requests

If there's a feature or function missing that you think the entire user community could benefit from having included, please review the list below to see if someone else has already suggested it, and if not, we invite you to drop us an email at sitefarm@ucdavis.edu to share your idea.

Suggested by the community:

  • If included, have the title of a submenu block be clickable so it takes a visitor back to the main page of the section
  • Allow primary images to be added to the /news and /blog view pages for increased visitor appeal
  • Make pagination on People category pages consistent with how they look on the main People page
  • Allow users to upload PowerPoint file types .ppt and .pptx.
  • Embed Google maps in a page to help visitors find a related location
  • Add a way in the All Content screen to filter content based on vocabulary terms
  • A block that will let you embed content from social media platforms into a page

Approved for Development:

  • Have the Recent Articles block display from 1-10, 20, 40 articles
  • Include additional unit fields for person pages to allow faculty members to fully list their work affiliations
  • Include manual reference fields for all content types, like the one for a Person reference or a Photo Gallery to create direct links to very specific content
  • Articles - commenting and moderation tools on news/blog content types, with the ability to enable commenting on a per article basis
  • Social media block - update the Instagram icon to match the one currently in use by the service
  • A method to share published content with social media platforms


  • Sprint #24 - Directory - request to hide the "View more info" button has been morphed into restyling the button so it is less obtrusive
  • Sprint #23 - Custom validation options in the Webform (documentation)
  • Sprint #23 - Quick links - a way to have three highlighted links and one or two columns of links underneath like the one shown on the UC Davis home site
  • Sprint #23 - better pagination for the people directory
  • Sprint #22 - UC Davis logo - include an option to have it in the upper right corner
  • Sprint #21 - Photo gallery-based image slider
  • Sprint #20 - At-a-glance events block, especially for the home page 
  • Sprint #19 - Change 'By <insert name' in the Article to 'Posted by <insert name>' to avoid improper attribution when reposting content by someone else with permission
  • Sprint #19 - Can users skip including an author name?
  • Sprint #18 - CAS-ified sections of a site
  • Sprint #17 - Include an option for tables
  • Sprint #17 - Teaser blurb on Person content type that will show up in the directory listings
  • Sprint #15 - A way to align custom blocks in a row on a page, especially the home page

Will not be included at this time:

  • Provide an "All" view option for directory listings
  • Hero banner block - ability to set the text alignment vertically (top, middle, bottom)
  • Person page - add a way to assign more than one Person type
  • Focus box - a link will not be added to the title
  • Basic block - a teaser field will not be included