Getting Started

Welcome to SiteFarm!

These initial steps will assist you gaining access to your site and beginning the process of creating new content or maintaining content already made by your colleagues. 

SiteFarm is meant to offer a platform for a wide spectrum users--from those who need to update content as part of their position to skilled web professionals looking to add a custom element to the look and functionality of their site.

Get the Help You Need

At this stage of SiteFarm's development, we offer a growing library of write-ups describing how to use the various elements of the site. Eventually we hope to add a video training component for users who find it easier to learn with visual examples.

The Mother of Invention - Feature Requests

You guys are a creative bunch. Sometimes we discover that you've put an element to a completely different use than we ever imagined for it. Did that work out for you? Was there a tweak that could have been made to improve your site building experience? Do you need a block or element or tool that isn't available, but it's something you think everyone using SiteFarm could benefit from? Let us know at; we've already made wonderful improvements based on user feedback.

Check out our Feature Request List to find out what ideas other people have already suggested.

Bug Alerts

Please note, you're bound to come across a bug on occasion and, if you do, we would appreciate if you would review our Bug List to see if we're aware of it, and if we're not, dropping us a note to let us know what you found.