Internal Redirects

Should any of your page content change its title or URL pathway, the system is designed to automatically create a redirect from the original pathway to the new one. That said, you are also able to manually create such redirects as necessary.

Adding redirects is also an important part of a site launch if you're moving an existing site to SiteFarm. Your old site will likely have pages with paths that will need to be redirected to their new path on the new site. 

For example, let's say your old news page was at but your new news page is at /news. In this case, you would create a redirect: 

Old path: "/news.html"

New path in SiteFarm: "/news"

A couple more examples:
"/news/index.html" -> "/news"
"/our-news" -> "/news"

Creating a Redirect

  1. Using your admin panel, navigate to Manage > Configuration > Search and Metadata section > URL Redirects (the main Redirects page view).
  2. Click on the + Add redirect button.
  3. On the Add URL Redirect page, the system will ask for:
    • Path - former URL of the content
    • To - this is the title of the content or an internal or external pathway
    • Redirect status - the dropdown menu is set to "301 Moved Permanently", the most commonly used, but you can also select other options from the menu
    • Language - leave set to Not specified, but you can update this if you wish
  4. Click the Save button to finish.

Filtering for easier searches

Over time your list of redirects will grow. Use the available filter feature to help you locate a redirect you need to update by filling in any of these fields:

  • From
  • To
  • Status code
  • Original language

When you've provided your filter criteria, click the Apply button to update the view.