Service Request Form

About this form...
This form will allow an authorized SiteFarm client user to request that additional features, functions, roles, and elements be enabled on their site. Please note that you will need to submit one form per site.
User Details
First and last name
What role do you have in this SiteFarm site?
Please be aware that some requests require a user to hold a specific role in the site. If you hold a Contributor or Editor role, you may want to ask your Site Manager to submit this form on your behalf.
What would you like to do?
I want to have the option to enable workflows and content moderation on one or more default or custom content types in my site.
Migrate Content
I want to migrate content from an existing site (Cascade, WordPress) or file (.csv) into my SiteFarm site(s).
Provide Translated Content
I want to provide content in languages other than the default English. This includes a separate user interface that also has labels in alternate languages.
Create Redirects for Whole Domains
I need to redirect links from a different existing URL to my new live domain.
Create Custom Elements and Themes
By requesting this role, you indicate you have appropriate permissions to do so from your site owner(s), you've read the documentation provided in the SiteFarm Site Builder training section, and you understand this means any custom elements you create are not supported by the SiteFarm service.
Set up an Intranet
I need to remove public access to my website to ensure it's only visible to our approved group of users.
Restricted to your users or to the UC Davis campus
Will require a site manager to approve public accounts
Enable Geolocations API key configuration permissions
I need to have access to the Geolocations API Key field in the Configurations section of my site.
Add support for sharing to Social Media
I want to make sure my images are properly formatted when shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
Socialfeed API
 I would like to more fully integrate social media services via their API.
Enable site verification
I would like to verify ownership of my site with search engines like Google.
Enable Google tag manager
I would like to enable secure connections with other third-party platforms like Facebook for analytics and social media tracking.
Enable additional Webform options
I want access to the Webform examples and/or templates so I can see what's possible and speed up the creation process.
The Webforms Example module will add a collection of pre-created webforms to illustrate different aspects and usages of the Webform system.
The Webforms Templates module includes several templates you can use as a basis for creating your own forms, potentially reducing the time required to build a new one from scratch.
Emergency File Deletion
I have a file I absolutely must replace as quickly as possible for health safety or legal reasons and I can't wait for the default 6-hour chron process to run the delete/update process. This is urgent.
Entity Clone
I need the ability to replicate existing blocks, pages, and content types in order to make the development and layout process quicker and easier.
Restrict my users to edit only specific content
I want to enable the Section Editor role so I can assign content based on menus or taxonomy and enable Site Manager permissions for this module.
Restrict access to content based on its content type
Site Builders can create custom content types and restrict user access via the Permissions panel.
Export view data into other formats