Languages Content Languages Content for SiteFarm en Creating translated content <p>Once a site manager has completed the steps to <a href="/training/managers/multilingual-config">configure the Multi-language options</a> for your site, you can proceed to adding translations to your content.</p> <h4>Translating with Existing Content</h4> <p>The easiest way to begin is with content that already exists in your site. These steps assume your site is set with English as the default language.</p> October 10, 2017 - 10:21am Jessica Hayes Multilingual Translation Service configuration <h2 class="heading--underline">What is Multilingual Translation?</h2> <p>Drupal, and by extension SiteFarm, gives you the ability to provide a translation of your default English content in a multitude of languages. A Site Manager configures the desired options to be translated, and the users enter in the translated content. SiteFarm does not translate content for you.</p> September 12, 2017 - 10:46am Jessica Hayes