Layout schemes

The SiteFarm block system has evolved to allow for greater flexibility of custom layouts. It starts will reviewing the available block regions, which include:

  • Header
    • Navigation
    • Quick links
  • Page title
    • Pre-content
    • Link Grid
    • Top Content 1     Top Content 2     Top Content 3     Top Content 4
    • First Sidebar    Content     Second Sidebar
    • Bottom Content 1     Bottom Content 2     Bottom Content 3     Bottom Content 4
  • Footer Credits


  • You can easily access each regions' attachment point using the Place Block button available from the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Any region not used—either by your own custom blocks or pre-placed system blocks—will remain collapsed and invisible. Example: The Top Content section offers 4 attachment points. If you only use two of the four, it will resize the blocks so they take up 50% each. If you attached three blocks, they would size to 33% each.
  • Finer management of blocks can be achieved using the Block Layout screen.

Basic Layout

SIDEBAR1          CONTENT          SIDEBAR2

The simplest approach is using the provided regions exactly as they are laid out. If your pages don't need a complex layout, use the defaulted Content region provided in the WYSIWYG of the page node. Sidebar content can be included using blocks. More complex layouts can be achieved using a combination of other regions available in the Top and Bottom Content regions and Sibling Grids.