Managing your content

As you create content for your site, you'll find that you need a means to review, organize, and make bulk changes to your growing collection of information. SiteFarm includes an All Content screen that provides interface panels to manage your pages, your people profilesfiles, and stale content (content auditing).

Locating the All Content screen

  1. From your admin panel, click Shortcuts » All content, or Manage » Content.

What can you do on the All Content page?

  • Add content - available with the + Add content button located near the top left of the page. Learn how to create new content.
    Add content button
  • Filter and Search - use the drop-down menus or text field to refine your search.
    • Publish status - published or unpublished
    • Content type - Article, Basic page, Person, Photo Gallery, Event
    • Title of your content
      Filter content options
  • Bulk actions - By checking the box next to each content in the list, users can make use of the Apply to selected items button.
    • Delete content
    • Publish content
    • Unpublish content
    • Make content sticky
    • Make content unsticky
      Make bulk changes