Reusing your blocks

One of the powerful benefits of using a content management system like Drupal is the ability to reuse the blocks available in the service, but reusing your blocks can mean a couple different possibilities:

Same Block Settings Reuse (set through Page Visibility)
  • Absolutely everything about the block--its text, image(s), configuration, region placement--is identical.
  • This is ideal for creating a single source of content that is reused across multiple locations, making it easier to update and disseminate.
  • You can use the block's Page Visibility section to list all the pages or sections where this block should be used.
Same Block Instance Reuse - Place Block
  • Once the block is created you can use the Place Block button multiple times to create individual instances of it.
  • Each time you use Place Block, it creates a duplicate of the block, which allows you to change its:
    • content
    • region placement
    • display output