Home Page Primary Image

Reactivating the primary image and title on a home page

In a unique case, Gunrock decided that he really needed to use the Primary image field on his homepage instead of the recommended Hero banner block. The primary image field and title are disabled for the home page deliberately, but there is a workaround.

Please note that this is NOT the recommended best practice for home pages, but it is an available option.

Re-activate the title and primary image on the home page

  1. From the Admin panel navigate to Structure » Block Layout or Shortcuts » Blocks.
  2. Locate the Page Title region.
  3. Locate the Page Title block and click its corresponding Configuration button.
  4. In the Visibility » Pages section:
    1. Delete the <front> listing
    2. Check the "Show for the listed pages" radio button.
  5. Click Save block.

If you haven't already provided an image to your home page, insert your image in the primary field now and review the results.