Feature Requests

If there's a feature or function missing that you think the entire user community could benefit from having included, please review the list below to see if someone else has already suggested it, and if not, we invite you to drop us an email at sitefarm@ucdavis.edu to share your idea.

Last updated: January 15, 2019

Suggested by the community:

  • Content Audit - site reports that provide information on tracking the volume of changes to web content to illustrate time and effort spent on the site, such as a digest of the revision histories.
  • Events - include the day of the week in the listing for easier identification of when the event takes place
  • People Directory - a way to re-order people inside of a client-defined Person Type, like the Article's Related People section.
  • Request the addition of the SimpleSAMLphp Authentication module so it will work with Microsoft Azure’s ADFS/SAML to authenticate users to view Tableau embedded dashboards in the Drupal Websites.
  • Selectable block options for Articles upcoming - the ability to decide to exclude the byline and teaser when using the block on the homepage or sidebar.
  • Track orphaned pages - for legal and health reasons, the ability to track any content that may have been orphaned so it can be found and reviewed to avoid old information being available that might lead to negative consequences.
  • Inserting links - a more user-friendly way to insert page links that does not require a user to know the URL pathway ahead of time.
  • Trumba - a way to limit the number of events displayed on the main calendar spud at one time
  • Link grid - request to have a transparent background optional, and some additional style options to make it consistent with the UC Davis home site
  • Videos - enhanced compliance for embedded videos to meet GDPR requirements with respect to not tracking personal data.
  • Menus - (does not include main menu) a way to have the currently viewed page's related menu link highlighted to show a visitor where they are.
  • Exclude authenticated user roles from being counted in Google analytics tracking by default
  • JSON API - allow for sync, import, export options
  • Sympa list block - allow a site to offer subscribe/unsubscribe options in a block to people who want to self-serve their interest in receiving more information.
  • Fix 404 pages - allow site managers to "Ignore" links that aren't looking to hit legitimate content (bots).
  • Fox 404 pages - improve the pagination options at the bottom of the page so it's easier to use and more efficient.
  • Add a photo gallery widget to the WYIWYG bar to add a gallery into the flow of content, much like the Feature Box.
  • Add the Google Tag Manager for SiteFarm to allows for better tracking and integrations with google analytics
  • CSV file uploads for content types other than Person content types
  • For large organizations that have a main site, a way to incorporate a main site logo that sub-sites can use to offer visitors a way back to the main site. Example: subsite1.mainsite.ucdavis.edu would have a link/logo pointing back to mainsite.ucdavis.edu.
  • Self-generating user accounts on an intranet site using CAS and LDAP as they log in so hundreds to thousands of accounts don't have to be created in advance and are restricted to people affiliated with the entire organization
  • Have the primary image thumbnail size be a little bigger so it's easier to see the details when using the focal point crosshairs
  • A way to embed feeds from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • A way to schedule when content will be published in an automated fashion.
  • The addition of the "Views Taxonomy Term Name Depth" module. Per the requestor: "Drupal 8 removed the "Term Name converted to Term ID" validator in Views Contextual Filters. Adding this module would allow that functionality to create better SEO formatted URLs for views using contextual filters." If added, this would be available to users with the Site Builder role.
  • The ability to apply a taxonomy term to an uploaded file
  • Allow primary images to be added to the /news and /blog view pages for increased visitor appeal
  • A block that lists specific files
  • Add a way on the All Content screen to filter content based on vocabulary terms
  • A block that will let you embed content from social media platforms into a page

Approved for Development:

  • Clone blocks and pages
  • Include a person reference in the Basic page content type
  • Include manual reference fields for all content types, like the one for a Person reference or a Photo Gallery to create direct links to very specific content
  • Social media block - update the Instagram icon to match the one currently in use by the service
  • A method to share published content with social media platforms


  • SiteFarm 6.0.0 - Footnotes & Citations - this came as a feature request in conjunction with the ability to insert sub- and superscript text. A new icon is available from your WYSIWYG bar to automate and style the inclusion of footnotes in your pages. Documentation
  • SiteFarm 6.0.0 -  Geolocation Configuration - site managers will now be able to enter in a Google Maps API key once the module is enabled via the Manage » Configuration » Web Services section » Geolocation settings page.
  • SiteFarm 6.0.0 -  Google Custom Search - you will now have access to the Google Custom Search appliance that, if enabled, will replace the default search option that came packaged with your default SiteFarm site. All content, including block content, is visible to the search. Instructions for configuring the look are included so your search results will blend with your default theme, and you can configure it to search one or more sites at a time, a great feature for large organizations with many sites. Documentation
  • SiteFarm 6.0.0 -  Print.css - while we don't encourage you to print out your web pages, if you should see a need to do so, we've implemented an optional setting to optimize your content for printing to minimize ink usage and remove commonly ignored sections for improved output. Documentation
  • SiteFarm 6.0.0 -  SiteImprove - if you haven't heard of SiteImprove yet, it's a service specifically designed to help improve the overall quality of a site's content, SEO, and most importantly, accessibility compliance. This is a UC-wide license meant to encourage site owners to take the time to review and improve the site utilizing the newly available, optional plugin. An account with SiteImprove is required to use this feature (please contact David Levin, IET Academic Technology Services, for more information). Documentation
  • SiteFarm 6.0.0 - Remove credentials from the default title display of the "Persons Content Contributions related back to Person" block for improved grammar
  • Special characters for math/science symbols
    Write up on Special Characters
  • SiteFarm 5.0.0 - A way for managers to create a role that can edit content but not publish
    This can now be accomplished by using Content Moderation and Workflows; the Contributor role can edit, but not publish. This can be extended to the Editor role via the Permissions Panel.
  • SiteFarm 5.0.0 - If included, have the title of a submenu block be clickable so it takes a visitor back to the main page of the section
  • SiteFarm 5.0.0 - Allow the title of a submenu to link back to that parent page or the homepage. This option is only available on the submenu block. A new checkbox is available to incorporate the link.
  • SiteFarm 5.0.0 - A block that will add the round links like what you see on the UC Davis home page under the hero banner. Users can now make use of the Priority Link blocks (an enhancedment of the focal links) and assign them to the new Link Grid region provided they aren't also using a sub-theme.
  • SiteFarm 5.0.0 - A way to include basic CSS for simple styles. SiteFarm now includes a CSS Editor.
  • SiteFarm 5.0.0 - Articles - commenting and moderation tools on news/blog content types, with the ability to enable commenting on a per article basis. Users can now incorporate the Disqus block option.
  • Sprint #41 - A new version of the Hero banner block that has a height similar to the primary image on the Basic Page with an option for an embedded link
  • Sprint #41 - Make pagination on People category pages consistent with how they look on the main People page
  • Sprint #40 - Include additional unit fields for person pages to allow faculty members to fully list their work affiliations
  • Sprint #39 - Have the Recent Articles block display from 1-10, 20, 40 articles
  • Sprint #38 - Allow users to upload PowerPoint file types .ppt and .pptx.
  • Sprint #24 - Directory - request to hide the "View more info" button has been morphed into restyling the button so it is less obtrusive
  • Sprint #23 - Custom validation options in the Webform (documentation)
  • Sprint #23 - Quick links - a way to have three highlighted links and one or two columns of links underneath like the one shown on the UC Davis home site
  • Sprint #23 - better pagination for the people directory
  • Sprint #22 - UC Davis logo - include an option to have it in the upper right corner
  • Sprint #21 - Photo gallery-based image slider
  • Sprint #20 - At-a-glance events block, especially for the homepage 
  • Sprint #19 - Change 'By <insert name' in the Article to 'Posted by <insert name>' to avoid improper attribution when reposting content by someone else with permission
  • Sprint #19 - Can users skip including an author name?
  • Sprint #18 - CAS-ified sections of a site
  • Sprint #17 - Include an option for tables
  • Sprint #17 - Teaser blurb on Person content type that will show up in the directory listings
  • Sprint #15 - A way to align custom blocks in a row on a page, especially the homepage

Will not be included at this time:

  • A block that can play a video like the UC Davis home page
    This is custom to the UC Davis site and is not part of SiteFarm as it requires a Vimeo Pro account for each site and requires additional steps and authorizations, making it technically unfeasible for a campus-wide platform. If this is a need for your specific department, please custom sub-theming in order to incorporate this kind of functionality.
  • Increase the size of the Tag field to more easily see the full list of terms added for ease of use
    This field is controlled by the Drupal application and can't be modified.
  • Have a way for a video played in the Hero Banner reset to the original Banner content when the video is done playing
    A reset without refreshing the browser page is not possible.
  • A 'print-friendly' option to allow visitors to download certain pages, like org charts. The web is not designed for printing. If a print version is desired, we recommend creating a custom PDF or Word document of the page.
  • Provide an "All" view option for directory listings
  • Tool-tips
  • Hero banner block - ability to set the text alignment vertically (top, middle, bottom)
  • Person page - add a way to assign more than one Person type
  • Focus box - a link will not be added to the title
  • Basic block - a teaser field will not be included
  • Include an underline style specifically for the proper formatting of publication entries - online style guides indicate that instead of an underline italics should be used instead. The reasoning behind this is that underlines are assumed to be links, which would create confusion for users.