Cascade Migration Checklist

Are you a Cascade user looking to join SiteFarm and migrate your content over? These are the steps you'll want to follow to join up and get started.

1. Join SiteFarm

Do you already have a site in SiteFarm that you're ready to use? Proceed to the next step. Otherwise, please review our onboarding process to determine if you should apply for a site through an established Client Group or if you can directly submit a New Site Request Form.

2. Strategy Considerations for Moving Your Content

Take a look at our blog post titled The Great Migration for some strategies to consider while preparing for your migration. We've put together a write-up on Cascade Pre-Migration Strategies for preparing your content in Cascade as well as laying the groundwork for organizing your Taxonomy in SiteFarm in advance of your migration.

3. Migrate Your Content

Use our training documentation and follow the steps for migrating your content from Cascade into your SiteFarm site. Once your content has been moved, you can begin the process of organizing and preparing your new site for launch.