Use Pendo to share your ideas!

What is Pendo?

Pendo (formerly known as Receptive) is a third-party software platform that specializes in feedback and request integrations. For SiteFarm, this means giving you a better way to submit your suggestion for improvements and feature requests that the SiteFarm community will be able to see and vote on.

The functionality of the service will let you:

  • make feature requests
  • prioritize your requests by what's most important to you, giving us greater clarity for deciding our development path as we improve SiteFarm for everyone
  • view feature requests made by others
  • comment on existing suggestions, start a dialogue and provide valuable input to bring additional perspectives to the subject matter suggested by other users
  • view updates from the SiteFarm team approving or declining features, followed by status changes and timelines for release to the live service.
If you're a Site Manager and would like an account,
please complete the Pendo Account Request Form.

Who can use Pendo?

This functionality is limited to Site Managers who are also faculty or staff. Please note for security reasons, students and student employees are ineligible for accounts. If you are a Contributor or Editor, please pass along your suggestions to your Site Manager, along with any screenshots you might be able to provide.

What about bugs?

Please still report bugs using our bug report form. If bugs are submitted to Pendo, we will decline the submission as ineligible and request that you submit the issue to our support team.

Learn to use Pendo