Discuss feature requests with the SiteFarm community members

Once a feature request has been submitted any eligible SiteFarm client with an account is welcome to sign in and engage in discussion of that feature. 

Your discussion should...

  • focus specifically on the suggestion made by the submitter
  • explore the idea as it applies to your department use cases or experiences
  • make possible suggestions on how the proposed feature request could be expanded
  • seek clarification on any points you feel are confusing or need elaboration
  • adhere to the Principles of Community at all times

Adding comments and joining a discussion

  1. From your dashboard, click on the title link of the suggestion you're interested in discussing.
  2. On the suggestion page for the specific feature request, look near the bottom of the entry for the Discussion title and the text field available.
  3. Type in your comments and click the "Add comment" button to finish.
    Screenshot of the Discussions field available in a feature request thread.

Subscribing and receiving Updates

If a particular topic interests you but you're not ready to vote on it yet, the suggestion thread includes a unique "Subscribe to this" button on the right side under the vote button icons. When updates are made to the thread, you will be notified.