Accessing Pendo from SiteFarm

A new link—the Feedback link—has been added to your SiteFarm site as of February 2019 as part of our SiteFarm release 6.1.0. You'll notice it the admin toolbar at the top of your screen between the Shortcuts and your username link.

Feedback link to's feature request service


If you already have an account, you will be able to click on the Feedback link and a widget will roll out from the left side of your screen, which looks like this:

Receptive widget when visible on the screen
The widget rollout displays an option to Make a suggestion or vote on existing feature requests.

The widget allows you some in-screen access to:

- Make a suggestion for a new feature request

- new recent additions

- Vote on requests made by others

- Review previous requests you have made

Follow the instructions to provided to complete your request or provide feedback on other feature requests.






If you do not have an account and you click on the Feedback button, a dialog box will appear indicating that you don't have an account but, if you click the OK button, you'll be redirected to our form to be added to the Waiting list for new accounts.

Receptive dialog box indicating the person doesn't have an account but offering to redirect them to the appropriate request form.