Submit a feature request to

  1. Log into through the Feedback button provided in the admin panel:
    Screenshot of the admin panel with the Feedback button highlighted in red.
  2. Once logged in, locate the "Make a suggestion" button located near the top of the main dashboard under the title "Submit a request for UC Davis IET". Your account in Receptive has already been identified as belonging to SiteFarm so rest assured your request will be appropriately routed to our team.
    Location of the "Make a suggestion" button on the Pendo dashboard.
  3. On the Submit a Request page, please provide the following:
    • Feature request idea or title
      • Create a concise summation of your request
      • If you're familiar with user stories, consider writing it in that framework. An example would be:
        "As a site manager I would like a way to restrict my users to specific site sections for access control." The format is "As a <person's role or audience type> I would like <description of needed functionality> so I can <desired outcome>."
      • As you type, Pendo will attempt to provide similar suggestions in case someone else has already made the same suggestion. If that's the case, click on the offered "I want this!" button and proceed to the discuss and vote process instead.
        Pendo makes suggestions in case a prior submission already exists.
    • What are you trying to accomplish?
      • What use case are you trying to solve?
      • How do you envision the feature working for you, including any interface ideas you might have?
    • If implemented, how will this suggestion help our SiteFarm users or our web visitors?
      • How can we make this generic to make this work for everyone in SiteFarm?
    • Upload file
      • Optional
      • Share any files or screenshots that might help illustrate your request more fully
  4. Click the Suggest button to finish the request.