Vote on a feature request suggestion

One of the best features in Pendo is its transparency with respect to sharing ideas and voting on them. And not just voting, but dynamically weighting which suggestions are of higher priority to your department.

How to Vote on a Suggestions

  1. From your Dashboard you can choose the click on the Thumbs up icon to upvote the idea or the Zzz icon to downvote it and express disinterest.
  2. Your select is changeable and is saved automatically to the system.

How to prioritize your Votes

  • Once you have voted on two or more suggestions, you can begin prioritizing suggestions you've voted upon.
  • From your Dashboard, look to the right-hand side for an outlined box with your list of upvoted ideas under the heading "Add requests and prioritize them".
  • An orange bar appears beneath each and you can click and drag the bars to denote the level of importance to you. It's important to know that the system will not allow you to give full priority to every suggestion and instead institute an algorithm that rebalances your priorities so you can truly decide which ones are the most and least important to you out of your list of upvoted ideas.
Your weighted list of suggested priorities
The first entry is given highest priority, resulting in Receptive automatically adjusting the weight granted other votes in the list.