Technology Support Program meeting

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  • VoIP and Moobilenetx retirement updates
  • Service Management update
  • SiteFarm update
  • New Data Center rates and services
  • Data Center deployment of Software Defined Networking

Introduction to TSP

The Technology Support Program (TSP) at UC Davis acts as a liaison between Information and Educational Technology (IET) and campus IT. We hold bimonthly TSP meeting to interact with one another, share knowledge and experience, as well as announce new developments within IET. TSP meetings are typically held the second Friday of the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December.

When an IT professional becomes a member of the TSP, they are added to two program email lists:

TSP Share

tsp-share is the distribution list that is open to all members of the TSP community. It is commonly used as a channel for IT professionals to discuss topics that effect that campus as a whole, or ask for assistance after local resources have been exhausted.

TSP Info

tsp-info is a one-way distribution list used by IET to bring information to the attention of the TSP community. This will only be used in rare cases when important information must be passed to all IT professionals on campus.

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