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Copy and Paste Cleanly from MS Word to SiteFarm

When you need to work outside of SiteFarm to create your content and perhaps collaborate with others, trying to bring that content back into SiteFarm from Word can screw up formatting or break your layout for invisible reasons unless you know how to look at the source code. Come learn how to make a clean copy to add to SiteFarm.

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  • Updated - Though previously inferred, Step 3 has been updated to explicitly state that SiteFarm only supports * namespaces. Domains ending in other domain suffixes (.org, .com, etc.) aren't eligible for use with our platform.
  • Updated - As "Clear formatting" only removes the formatting and not the extraneous code behind the scenes, we've added an article that shows the steps for preparing a MS Word document to allow you to create a clean copy and paste for your SiteFarm page under "Copy and Paste Cleanly from MS Word to SiteFarm".
  • New - Our programmatic tie-in to the campus' Identity Access Management service means that user accounts will be blocked if they ever separate from UC Davis. This tie-in also leverages the IAM service to support the campus' Gender Recognition & Lived Name Initiative when Site Managers create an account based on the user's Kerberos ID information.
  • Updated - now shows the updated method of adding captions to media via CKEditor 5. Please note that our custom feature to auto-populate the Caption field with the caption info you may have added to an image when uploading it to your Media Library no longer functions in CKEditor 5. We're attempting to bring this feature back, but thus far it's proving complicated. Please follow the suggested workaround as the new default process.
  • Updated - When creating redirects, please do not redirect images, especially if found listed in the 404 list and/or begin with the pathway "sites/g".