A cow with a sousaphone from the Steven Noble illustration collection at UC Davis

Web Workers Summer 2023 videos posted

The Web Workers group, hosted by Strategic Communications, has posted the video sessions from its quarterly meeting on August 16th. As the majority of them focus on our new Layout Builder feature, we encourage you to check them out.

Latest Sites Launched

New and Updated Documentation

  • New - An explanation of how CAS login process is handled with respect to where users are directed on successful authentication.
  • Updated - Contributors cannot assign taxonomy terms to a page.
  • Updated - Added notation to the Client Group list to indicate when an organization has a top-tiered group overseeing any site requests. Currently relevant to Engineering, Student Affairs, and Veterinary Medicine.
  • New - Learn how to swap your existing homepage for one using the new Layout Builder feature. Applies to sites built before Friday, August 25, 2023.
  • Updated - When swapping a new site into Primary site position in a collection, users will need to send our team an email with the old site's administrative name for use to clear it from the Fastly cache.