A cow with a sousaphone from the Steven Noble illustration collection at UC Davis

Web Workers Summer 2023 videos posted

The Web Workers group, hosted by Strategic Communications, has posted the video sessions from its quarterly meeting on August 16th. As the majority of them focus on our new Layout Builder feature, we encourage you to check them out.

Latest Sites Launched

New and Updated Documentation

  • New - Webform Attachments that allow you to send uploaded files to a specified email address are now available in update 10.0.1.
  • New - An introduction to the default View directories that come bundled with SiteFarm.
  • Updated - Clarified the Edit Summary section to explain how your content is used in teaser locations and what character limits apply.
  • Updated - If Section Editors are meant to work on custom content types you've created, you must configure the permissions via the Node View Permissions documentation.
  • New - Factoid is a new custom block intended for quick, eye-catching factual information linking to more detailed information.