How to publish your site to the web

When you're ready to go live with your site, it's valuable to understand the process of what is happening in the background before committing yourself to the process.

If you already have a live web site, the process is going to involve reassigning your web address from your current site to your new one in SiteFarm. From the time you initiate the request until the switch has been completed, you will not be able to make updates to either site. Usually the switch takes approximately four hours, so please plan accordingly.

T-minus and counting...

When you feel your site is ready to go live to the web, please use this checklist to help you step through the process.

Step 1: Request a review of your site by the SiteFarm team (Optional)

  • We want you to feel happy and confident about your web presence, and are as invested as you are in helping put your best foot forward. If you're interested in having us glance over your site, we can help you spot any points of concern and make suggestions to improve the overall look and function of your site. Make your request at

Step 2: Gather your current web site information if you have one

  • Web domain name
    Do you currently have a URL? If not, you'll need to get one and you can do that by contacting the campus host clerk at
    • NOTE: If you will be using a domain name, including, please alert so we can configure the SSL certificate appropriately. If you do not, your site will show a security error. Be aware that this sub.subdomain set up does require additional steps to configure and if you have a specific launch date in mind, please note that these SSL certificates will be added at the end of each month as they take two-to-three weeks to process.
  • Hosting platform information
    Do you currently have a live site hosted somewhere? You then need to confirm where your site is currently being hosted. Is it on the cPanel service? Is it on a SAN mount? Inquire with your department's IT support for additional assistance. If you have an already existing site, this information will be helpful to the host clerk for redirection purposes when they point your domain name to the new location on our Acquia Cloud hosting platform.

Step 3: Select your launch day

  • Select any day of the week except for Friday. Launching new sites right before the weekend is never a good idea in case something goes wrong and support is unavailable.
  • Be aware that once you initiate your launch requests, you will not be able to update your SiteFarm site until the update process is complete. The process will take approximately four hours from the time you submit your request to the host clerk as outlined below.

Step 4: Email the SiteFarm team FIRST at the time you want to initiate your launch and INCLUDE your chosen live URL address

  • This is an important step as we will configure your site's domain settings to display on your official URL instead of your URL. 

  • We will also configure your site's Acquia Connector. You'll recognize this by the ribbon reading, "Connect your site to the Acquia Subscription now. Learn more," which will disappear when the Connector is set. This module forms a connection between your site and Acquia, in order to help your SiteFarm team provide speedier and more efficient support and issue resolution.

  • We'll notify you when the domain update is complete and then you can continue on to the next step.

Step 5: Email the campus host clerk with your request

  • Email
  • Subject line: "Request for CNAME reassignment"
  • Body: "Dear Host Clerk,

    Please make the following DNS change: CNAME

    If there are any other DNS records for, please remove them.

    Please make this change at HH:MM on MONTH DAY.

    Thank you."

    This email will generate a service ticket with the campus host clerk and they will either ask you clarifying questions or advise you when the work has been completed. It will take approximately 30 minutes to four hours for the change to show up online.

Step 6: Awaiting the Changeover to your new site

As mentioned above in Step 5, the propagation of your domain on the internet can take anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours. If you want to keep an eye on how things are going, you have the means through

On the page you can enter in what your live domain will be, change the menu from "A" to "CNAME" and click the Search button to see the progress of your DNS propagating across major servers.

screenshot of whatsmydns output of a domain.
Using our own site as an example, the search results indicate that major servers across the world have registered the CNAME information that SiteFarm points to

Step 7: Working in SiteFarm Post-launch

Congratulations! From this point forward, your new login will be your-domain-name/login. For example, This will allow you to edit your site as you originally did during site creation.