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Thank you for your interest in SiteFarm! We're happy to have you here!

To help you begin your onboarding process, please step through our checklist:

  1. Review the details of the SiteFarm service to see what it includes.
  2. Give our Demo site a spin to see what it's like to work on a SiteFarm site out-of-the-box. You only need your Kerberos ID and password to access it through CAS, and anything you do in it is reset each night, so try out the offerings.
  3. Verify that your site is eligible for inclusion.
  4. Check to see if your unit belongs to a Client Group overseen by your organization.
    • If your unit is listed, please contact any of the Client Group members listed for your specific unit as they have the ability to approve your request and create your site for you.
    • If your unit is not listed, proceed to step 5.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the training documentation available for everyone, for managers, and for site builders.
  6. Submit the Site Request Form. Upon receipt of your request, the SiteFarm team will review the information and be in touch within two business days to address any of your questions and apprise you either of the status of your application as a new client or confirm when your site instance is ready.
  7. Review our upcoming events, most importantly the SiteFarm Co-working Sessions that occur every second and fourth Thursdays of the month. These are working lunch sessions scheduled from 11:30-1:30 on the #sitefarm Slack channel where all users, regardless of experience level with Drupal, are welcome to hear updates and lightning talks, ask questions, and receive one-on-one assistance with training and site-building issues. Hear what's new and meet your fellow SiteFarmers from across campus.