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"When I try to edit my page, the WYSIWYG is blank"

Have you had this experience? You click to Edit a page, but when you view the WYSIWYG it's collapsed and empty. Nothing you do allows you to click inside it and it seems like your content is inaccessible. It's all the fault of an image in a feature box on your page. Let's look at how to fix it.

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New and Updated Documentation

  • Updated - Long overdue addition of Webform roles and permissions matrix details.
  • Updated - The Feature Box documentation now includes a sidebar with link to the blog post "When I try to edit my page, the WYSIWYG is blank". This is the fix solution if an image was inserted in a Feature Box prior to the CKEditor 5 upgrade.
  • Updated - All users who are responsible for adding content are required to complete the campus mandated WEB ACCESSIBILITY TRAINING FOR SITEFARM provided by LMS. Supervisors will also need to assign this training to their users via the LMS.
  • New - Reference documentation for subthemers that outlines what core version numbers SiteFarm is currently using.
  • Updated - Though previously inferred, Step 3 has been updated to explicitly state that SiteFarm only supports *.ucdavis.edu namespaces. Domains ending in other domain suffixes (.org, .com, etc.) aren't eligible for use with our platform.