RSS Feed block

The RSS Feed block is a system block (View) that will pull in information from an external source of your choosing and display the RSS content within the block container in the page on which it has been placed.

Adding a RSS to a page region

  1. From your admin panel click on Shortcuts » Blocks to go to the Block layout page.
  2. Choose your preferred region where you want the block to live and click the Place Block button.
  3. A dialogue box will open containing the list of available blocks. In the filter field, type in 'RSS feed' to get quick access. 

Configure the RSS Feed block

RSS Feed's block configuration options

The Display Feed Text option allows for the following choices:

  • None - only the article title with the link embedded (see live example in the first sidebar).
  • Snippet - the title with the link embedded, plus the first 140 characters of the teaser
    Snippet view with more button enabled
  • Full - the title with the link embedded, plus the entire feed teaser
    Full view with more button enabled
  • Paragraph view, in which you can select how the character count:
    • 250
    • 500
    • 1000 
      Paragraph view but without the more button.

When your configuration preferences have been set, check the block's visibility to determine where the block will be displayed, and then click the Save block button to finish.