How Refreshing! SiteFarm announces 2nd refresh and new launch date

April 08, 2021
Our team has spent the last couple of weeks closely reviewing the feedback, comments, and bug reports you’ve sent in and we appreciate the time and effort you took in doing so. We're taking your words to heart and reworking our process to include a second refresh and a change of launch date. Keep reading for the details.

"Fancy File Delete doesn't seem to be working"

February 04, 2021
Are you a Site Factory user? Yes? Good. This is for everyone, but especially for you. You may have used Fancy File Delete in the past and it worked just fine. Randomly, you may have experienced an instance or two where it looks like the file is gone from your site. You checked; it's no longer listed in Files and it's nowhere to be found in your Media Library. Read on and we'll show you the tricksy-hobbitsy way Site Factory can mess with your ability to remove sensitive documents in a timely manner.

"Why aren't my YouTube videos showing up?"

January 28, 2021
If you're using YouTube videos on your site you've no doubt noticed by now that YouTube videos aren't displaying reliably on your site when using the URL icon from the WYSIWYG bar or the External Media block. Here's an update on what's going on and suggestions for how to work around this super annoying issue.

"Why can't I put a link on an image anymore?"

January 07, 2021
The addition of Media Library changed a lot of features and functions in SiteFarm. While no longer intuitive, adding a link to an image is still possible with a few extra steps.

Changelog SiteFarm Release 8.2.0

December 06, 2020
The long-awaited Media Library has arrived! We're pleased to announce the integration of this Drupal Core functionality into the SiteFarm platform and what it means for the future of your sites.

SiteFarm gets even Fastly-er

October 19, 2020
SiteFarm is using a new service called Fastly to improve speed, security, and cost-savings. The change will also affect how you launch your sites, so if you're a site manager it's imperative you catch up to this update.

Information Security Practices for SiteFarm

October 02, 2020
The forward march of technological advancement will always have its heels dogged by the unethical and malicious, which means we are obligated to do our part to safeguard our content, users, and visitors. Information security is important to everyone, of course, but do you know the specifics of your part in the process when using SiteFarm?

"Why isn't my redirect working?"

July 16, 2020
Redirects are notoriously tricky things. Even ones that seem easy—just here to there—can sometimes go awry. These steps will help you troubleshoot a common hiccup that can occur during the process.

Changelog SiteFarm Release 8.0.0

May 14, 2020
The SiteFarm team's most recent development cycle is complete and the slate of new features, updates, patches, and bug fixes will be available on Monday, May 18, 2020. The latest update contains several items requested by members of our user community and we thank you again for your interest in being a collaborative partner in our improvement process.

Masquerade your way to better testing

April 28, 2020
As a Site Manager and Builder, you may find yourself being able to see too much. It's not true to what your users will see and you're not sure how the changes you're making will affect users with a restricted view based on their roles and permissions. For security reasons the Masquerade module has been restricted to the SiteFarm team, but we still have a method for you to feel confident the site configurations you make are the right ones for the roles involved.

Create a clickable taxonomy-based icon grid

April 22, 2020
We've had a few enterprising users ask how the Horticulture site put together their Block Chain icon grid presented on their site's homepage. Take ten minutes to watch Carson Black, senior developer, give a video overview of how this was created for the department by the Web Development team.

Add a Coronavirus Information notification block to your site

March 13, 2020
We're working in partnership with the Office of Strategic Communications to assist in providing timely information to our campus community. Consider using these instructions to add a notification block to the homepage of your site to provide links to the official updates and announcements.

"My webform submissions keep landing in my Junk folder"

February 13, 2020
You know you published your webform. You know people are interested in using it. You wait, and wait, and wait some more, and wonder when the submissions will start arriving. At a certain point, it occurs to you to check your Junk folder and—lo and behold!—you have oodles of submissions waiting for you. How can you avoid this annoying frustration and have your webform submissions show up where you expect to see them?

"My form menu options are breaking out the side!"

February 11, 2020
You've worked diligently on your webform and it looks great, but when testing it you discover that the select menus and textareas are suddenly breaking out the side. Why did this happen? How can you fix it?

Add a full pager navigation to your 404 page list

January 23, 2020
For site owners concerned with managing 404 - page not found issues and broken links, the 404 list available in your site is invaluable. The default configuration is less than optimal however as the pager navigation gives you almost no idea how many pages of 404 issues you have and only a limited method of navigating through the list. If you're a Site Builder, let's look at a fix.