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Web Workers Summer 2023 videos posted

The Web Workers group, hosted by Strategic Communications, has posted the video sessions of its quarterly meeting from the meet-up on August 16th. As the majority of them focus on the new Layout Builder tool, we encourage you to check them out. Also, consider subscribing to their mailing list so you can receive updates on future meet-ups and register for their #webworkers-ucdavis Slack channel to join in.

  • UXcited?
    Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about user experience, user journey, user behaviors, user success, user engagement - the list goes on. Remember the human who interacts with your website, and help them.
  • SEOyeah
    Search Engine Optimization is our jam. Is it dark arts? Voodoo? AI? Nope, it's just understanding how to craft good content, find your audience, and deliver. Let it rain users and pageviews.
  • Make It Pretty
    Good design goes a long way when making a first impression and a lasting impression. These are tips and tricks to elevate your design game.
  • No!
    Layout do's and dohs. We get it, organizing all this stuff can get tough. We've all been there. We're not mad at you but may we please make a suggestion?
  • SiteFarm Deepcuts
    You've got the subdomain secured, the landing pages published, the content lined up, and now they're asking you to do what??? How does anyone even?
  • The Main Stage
    The main stage is our opportunity to share the techniques, technologies and strategies that are being successfully deployed throughout campus. Most of these presentations come from us, but if you have had a successful digital product launch and want to share the lessons learned, we are always happy to have guest speakers.

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