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What IS SiteFarm?

So, you're interested in joining SiteFarm? Excellent! We're happy you're here.

SiteFarm is the brand name of our "out-of-the-box" offering, based on the Drupal 10 software, that gives usersA garden trowel stuck point first in the dirt, ready for use. a robust and intuitive site-building package to build beautiful, content-rich websites in very little time. 

The suite is hosted on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory service that will allow users designated as Site Factory site builders to access an interface to quickly create a new site instance, customize a starting point for multiple sites within a department to include sub-branding and content, and bring the site live with very little effort.


  • Free to use
  • Service AND hosting included (you acquire your .ucdavis.edu domain name from the campus host clerk)
  • A growing list of page types to pick from (basic pages, events, articles, person, lists, etc)
  • Easy-to-use content interfaces
  • Client-controlled user accounts (creation, modification, deletion)
  • CAS authentication options for site security


  • For one site or many
  • Site Factory cloud service for a more hands-on approach to creating, managing, and launching your sites yourself
  • SiteFarm support through ServiceNow ticketing system: email us at sitefarm@ucdavis.edu 
  • Training and documentation 

Technical Specs

  • Based on Drupal 10
  • Enhancements designed and/or configured, supported by the SiteFarm development team
  • Tools available to allow clients to shape the site model to include departmental logos, contact info, content that will be universal for all sites cloned from the site model
  • Adheres to the UC System's IS-3 protection levels 1 and 2 for public-facing and internal site content
  • Migration scripts available for:
    • WordPress
    • Person content CSV file uploads
  • Accessible and meets WCAG 2 requirements. Includes increased support for WAI-ARIA in:
    • Search engine form and presentation
    • Drag and Drop functionality
    • Color contrast and intensity
    • Adding skip navigation to core themes
    • Image handling
    • Form labeling
    • Removing duplicate or null tags
  • Search engine optimization features
    • Global redirect
    • Path redirect
    • Metatags
    • Google Analytics
  • Integration with AggieFeed and the campus calendar system, Trumba
  • Mobile-ready
  • 404 and 403 error page options

User Features

  • Site managers have direct control over adding, modifying and deleting user accounts
  • Workflows for managing user access, editing and publishing processes
  • Easy-to-use interfaces for editing content, and adding images and files
  • Pre-configured page templates for content such as basic pages, articles/blogs, people profiles, events, and images galleries
  • View outputs that can display lists of content from your content, such as a list of articles, people, and events
  • The ability to create your own custom page types and views
  • Options for adding your own custom styles over top of the official campus branding (you can design your own or work with the SiteFarm team on a for-fee basis)
  • Web forms, including a pre-created basic feedback form, as well as file upload forwarding to a designated email inbox
  • Dynamic multi-tiered menu navigation
  • Detailed menu management options
  • Site search including Google Custom Search
  • Ability to search and filter your file management system by name and file type
  • Content revision history
  • Taxonomy systems that allow you to create complex categories and tags for sorting and collecting your data for viewing by site visitors, adding related content to pages
  • Content Auditing system to allow you to actively assign content for review, as well as a passive monitor to detect and notify you of content that hasn't been touched for 9 months. Includes email notification system to proactively implement review workflows.