SiteFarm 9.1.14

Content Audit Email Notifications

What is the Content Audit Email Notification?

This system, built into every page of your site, allows you to configure settings and comments in the Content Audit section in order to alert a fellow user that an action needs to be taken on a specific page, which then sends an email to their personal email account with the details. The email address used is the one associated with the user's account on that site.

Import/Export Configuration Files

Users must have the Site Builder role to use this feature What is SiteFarm Configuration Import/Export?

This is a module that will allow users with the Site Manager/Site Builder role combination to create custom blocks, webforms, and views, and then export a configuration file through a user interface that can then be imported into one or more separate sites. The benefit to you is the shortcut of not having to spend time duplicating work.

Content Auditing

Stale, out-of-date content is always a problem on websites, especially those that have been around for a long time and have grown in size and content. SiteFarm gives you the ability to implement both an active and passive review system to help you keep an eye on content that needs a touch-up, a complete rewrite, or to be entirely removed.

Performing these audits brings great benefits:

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