Person content type

What should you use the Person content type for?

The Person content type is a way to create profiles of individuals. The majority of the fields included in the page are optional, so you can leverage them to include what you want to display and leave out the rest. With the options available to you in SiteFarm, you can use the profiles for:

  • Directories of people in a department, which you can also refine into defined groups using tags
  • Spotlights of individuals mentioned or listed in Article or Event content types
  • Bio pages for authors contributing article content to your site

Demo of a Person Page

Person example

Demo of a Person Directory (automatically provided as a View in SiteFarm)

Person listing

The system will automatically make some connections between content if you associate a person page with content.

Person reference

Author of article or spotlighted individual

Related people list

Author page listing articles contributed:

Contributed content

Person Sections

  • Name Prefix (honorific title such as Mr Mrs Dr)
  • First name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last name
  • Credentials - B.S., M.S., Ph.D., etc.
  • Portrait image
    • Alternative text - used by screen readers, search engines, and as a placeholder for broken images
    • 3MB file size maximum
  • Position title
    • Create multiple listings
  • Unit
    • Create multiple listings
    • The field is a basic text field, so technically users can enter the information how they want, including Title/Unit name
      Distinguished Professor, Department of Nutrition
      Director, Program in International and Community Nutrition
  • Email
    • Create multiple listings
  • Phone number
    • ​​​​​​​Create multiple listings
  • Website
    • Create multiple listings
    • URL - Include the "http://" prefix for your URL
    • Link text - How you would like your URL to be displayed. Examples: or UC Davis Home Site
  • Office hours
  • Office location - This is a single field to enter information pertaining to a building/office directly on-campus
  • Address - This is a multi-field option for listing locations with a full mailing address
    • Country
    • Company
    • Street address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip code
  • Bio (Edit Summary) - This is a "blurb" space for a brief text addition that is specifically for use in the Directory listing. This information will only show in the main Directory page and not on the individual's profile page.
  • Bio (wysiwyg interface) - The full editable bio, resume, or CV
  • Education and Degree(s)
    • Create multiple listings
  • Honors and Awards
    • Create multiple listings
  • Courses
    • Create multiple listings
  • Research Interests and Expertise
    • Create multiple listings
  • Publications
    • Create multiple listings
    • Formattable field, but requires knowledge of HTML to use if converting to Full HTML Text Format
  • Membership and Service
    • Create multiple listings
  • ORCID affiliation
    • Enter in the URL of your profile from to display an associated block that can direct visitors to your full profile on the ORCID site.
    • Format example:
  • Documents - optional attachments


New Sections Added in SiteFarm Release 8.8.0