SiteFarm Redesign 2021

Change log - We've Launched SiteFarm's New Look

We pleased to announce the release of the SiteFarm redesign! In keeping with campus policy, we have worked closely with the Office of Strategic Communications on the design with active input from our user community to create our new 2021 theme. The changes primarily focus on aesthetic updates and usability tweaks, though we've added a couple of new features too. If you haven't been following our Redesign Overview page in the last six months, read on to get the list of changes along with their links to new or updated training documentation.

Layout Columns Widget

This widget, available from the WYSIWYG's icon bar, gives you the ability to insert a box row containing up to a maximum of four columns. Configuration settings provide a variety of column width options along with style options for how the box is presented on the page to give it visual splash.

Insert a Page Anchor

Page anchors are links internal to your site that allow a visitor to jump to a new, very specific location, either within the same page or in another page in your site.

Understanding Taxonomy and Vocabulary

Taxonomy, defined, is the science of classification. In the case of Drupal, Taxonomy is the system of classifying your content. SiteFarm will give you the means to create and manage collections of terms, called vocabularies, to help you group content together and cross-reference it and link related content together.

Hero banner

The Hero Banner gives the chance to create a block that is the full width of the screen containing a large image, with a call to action link, a link to media, which is ideally intended for your home page.

Marketing highlight block

The Marketing highlight block allows you to include an image and a short title. It's meant to draw the eye and invite visitors to click on a link to more detailed content.

Block regions

A block region is a defined location on a content type. Regions are typically created as part of a site's overall theme and represent a structured section of the content type, however it ultimately is displayed.

Prepping images

We recommend you prepare your images before you upload them to your site in order to maximize their quality and functionality.