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Securing your files

Are you aware that the security you may apply to your site's pages, whether through content type access restrictions or the CAS firewall, does not apply to the documents you associate with them? If search engines keep finding files you want to protect, keep reading to understand why this happens and how to avoid it.

What's in a (site) name?

It's a common point of confusion for people to ask what the difference is between their live site and their * site. This post is all about understanding that, in the end, your site is your site no matter its name, just like Shakespeare intended.

Many Happy Returns

Is your webform a little on the long side? Did you already know this and tried breaking it up into sections using the wizard page tool? Do people pack a lunch and block off time on their Outlook calendar when they know they have to submit something on your site? Yeah—maybe give these folks a way to save their spot and come back to it when they have time to finish your form, and let us give you a helping hand to add this feature to your form if it needs it.

Canonical Tag Guide

Protect your content from being hidden by search engines in case of duplicated content. Learn more from our guest writer, Director of Web Communications at Strategic Communications, Tristan Peery, about canonical tags and how to use them effectively.