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Change log - We've Launched SiteFarm's New Look

We pleased to announce the release of the SiteFarm redesign! In keeping with campus policy, we have worked closely with the Office of Strategic Communications on the design with active input from our user community to create our new 2021 theme. The changes primarily focus on aesthetic updates and usability tweaks, though we've added a couple of new features too. If you haven't been following our Redesign Overview page in the last six months, read on to get the list of changes along with their links to new or updated training documentation.

"I can't add space or text above or below an image or lists"

It's not immediately obvious, but SiteFarm includes a mechanism to help you make space above or below your images and lists. You may have already caught a glimpse; a dotted red line and a curved arrow on the far right side there and then gone again as you move your mouse. Let's check out what the little red arrow can do for you.

"My image library is huge now. How can I organize it?"

If your site is any larger than a few pages and/or you've been very active adding or using existing media, it's quite likely you've found your Media Library content to be growing at a quick pace. It's never a bad idea to consider how your images and files are organized, and you can do that through Taxonomy—before, during, and after you've added them to your site.

"Fancy File Delete doesn't seem to be working"

Are you a Site Factory user? Yes? Good. This is for everyone, but especially for you. You may have used Fancy File Delete in the past and it worked just fine. Randomly, you may have experienced an instance or two where it looks like the file is gone from your site. You checked; it's no longer listed in Files and it's nowhere to be found in your Media Library. Read on and we'll show you the tricksy-hobbitsy way Site Factory can mess with your ability to remove sensitive documents in a timely manner.

"Why aren't my YouTube videos showing up?"

If you're using YouTube videos on your site you've no doubt noticed by now that YouTube videos aren't displaying reliably on your site when using the URL icon from the WYSIWYG bar or the External Media block. Here's an update on what's going on and suggestions for how to work around this super annoying issue.