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Change log 9.1.14 - Phase 1 release for 2023

As we announced earlier this month, we have a slate of fixes, updates, and new features scheduled for release this year. The first phase rolls out with our scheduled update late this evening. Read on to see what we're including.

Phase 1 - April 22, 2023

  • New Admin Theme
    Updating SiteFarm's administrative theme from Seven to Claro in preparation to upgrading the underlying software from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 later in the year. This update will improve visual usability and accessibility for users. 
  • Screen shot of the contextual sub menu with Quick Edit crossed out.
    Removal of Quick Edit option from contextual menu
    The Quick Edit option in the contextual menu will also be removed during Phase 1 as, like the admin theme, it has been deprecated and won't be available in Drupal 10. Once removed, users should utilize the Edit option in the contextual menu.
  • Person Page updates
    • The publications field will be cleaned up to hide the list of HTML hints.
    • The publications field will also be enlarged to allow permit 600 characters instead of the current 355.
  • Content Audit Email Notifications
    The content audit system will be updated include the ability to create a customizable, templated email notification to a single active user account's email address, thereby extending content audit's usefulness in content moderation and workflows.
  • Branding Color Name Update
    For the sake of clarify, the color referred to as "Default" will be renamed to "Wonder Blue." 
  • Import/Export Custom View, Block, and Webform Configurations
    This new functionality will be available to Site Builders, allowing them to export view, block, or webform configurations from one site in order to share them with other sites or other Site Builders. Please note that this feature does not share or syndicate content across sites—it only inputs/outputs configuration files. 
  • RSS Feed bug fix
    Updated code to bring the date output into compliance with current specs.

Phase 1.5 - Firm date coming soon

We couldn’t quite fit this new block into Phase 1, but we’ll be announcing it in the next few weeks with a definitive date.

  • Campus Course Catalog Block
    This custom block type will tie directly into the UC Davis' general course catalog allowing sites to avoid duplicating work and worrying about keeping the content up-to-date. The block will let people present content based on program, subject, and course.

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