Is your unit eligible to join SiteFarm?

Please review the following criteria to determine if SiteFarm is the appropriate fit for your unit's needs:

  • SiteFarm is available to:
    • UC Davis administrative units, colleges, schools and academic departments whose Web content is owned by the Regents of the University of California.
    • Organized Research Units (ORU) and other campus-wide research units and facilities, as identified by the Office of Research, are included.
    • Faculty labs may use SiteFarm provided the sites adhere to all applicable campus policies and guidelines, including branding and domain name requirements (a ucdavis.edu domain).
    • Websites for recognized campus organizations (PPM 270-05 - PDF) may use SiteFarm provided the sites adhere to all applicable campus policies and guidelines.
  • Websites for student sites may not be maintained in SiteFarm unless affiliated and sponsored by an administrative or academic department.
  • Personal websites (PPM 310-70 - PDF) may not be maintained in SiteFarm.
  • Your content must fall within the IS-3 information security policy definitions for levels P1 and P2 content. Read our blog about Information Security Practices on SiteFarm for more details.
  • Sites whose content contain personal content not related to UC Davis business or personal intellectual property may not be maintained in SiteFarm.
  • Does your department fall under the UC Davis Health brand? If so, your site is required to use the UC Davis Health website platform and branding. To learn more and to request a UC Davis Health website, please email hs-webcommunications@ucdavis.edu.
  • Exceptions to these client guidelines can be addressed to the SiteFarm team for consideration.
  • Individuals submitting a site request should be a UC Davis faculty or staff member.

If your site doesn't meet these criteria, don't despair! The campus provides other Web resources to assist faculty, student clubs and others to successfully maintain their Web content. We have listed these in our Other Web Resources page.