Not sure what sections apply to you?

After reviewing the Glossary of Terms, take a look a the Roles and Permissions Matrix to see what kind of work you'll likely be assigned to do in your site. This will help you understand the scope of the training you'll need.

Whether you're a skilled IT professional or a sporadic content contributor as one aspect of your job, SiteFarm has you covered; this content management platform is designed to make the process of adding content to your web site as easy--or as complex--as you want it to be.

How to learn to use SiteFarm

  1. Hands-on (your site) - if you learn by doing, the easiest way is to jump right into your site and experiment.
  2. Hands-on (Demo site) - If you're concerned about potentially messing up your department's web site, especially if it's already gone live, use our Demo area. This is a site specifically designed for "trying it out" and it will reset itself every night, so nothing you do is permanent or going to cause problems. You'll log in using your CAS ID and password, and have access to the Demo area as an Editor, the most commonly used role.
  3. Documentation - do you do better with written descriptions and screencaps? The main training page is broken down into sections and generally laid out in the order you'll most likely need to know the topics, though you can, of course, jump around as needed:
    1. Working with content - all the basics
    2. Accessibility - understanding how to make your content available to everyone
    3. Images and files
    4. Navigation
    5. Blocks
    6. Taxonomy and categorization
    7. Webforms
    8. Use Case Scenarios
    9. Blogs specifically about Tips, Hints, and Best Practices; these include responses to commonly asked questions or problems encountered by users and how to solve them
  4. Videos - or maybe you're more comfortable learning visually by example? The video library is still growing, but it provides the visual steps to the basic elements of working with content. More videos will be added over time.

The Mother of Invention - Feature Requests

You guys are a creative bunch. Sometimes we discover that you've put an element to a completely different use than we ever imagined for it. Did that work out for you? Was there a tweak that could have been made to improve your site-building experience? Do you need a block or element or tool that isn't available, but it's something you think everyone using SiteFarm could benefit from? Request an account on the platform where we manage feature requests; we've already made wonderful improvements based on user feedback. With an account, you can check out and vote on all the ideas other people have already suggested.

Bug Alerts

Please note, you're bound to come across a bug on occasion and, if you do, we would appreciate if you would review our Bug List to see if we're aware of it, and if we're not, dropping us a note to let us know what you found.