Matrix of Roles and Permissions

Function Contributor Editor Manager Builder
Content, create
Content, edit own
Content, delete own
Content, edit any
Content, delete any
Access administration panel
Access toolbar
Access contextual links
Access in-place editing
Publish content
Administer Translation settings
Administer Languages
Translate interface text
Create Translations
Delete Translations
Edit Translations
Translation any entity
Upload files
Create URL aliases
User profiles, view
User profiles, create
User profiles, edit
User profiles, delete
Revisions, view own
Revisions, revert own
Revisions, delete own
Revisions, view all
Revisions, revert all
Revisions, delete all
Menu, view
Menu, edit
Menu, delete
Site configuration
Site reports
Blocks, create
Blocks, edit
Blocks, delete
Blocks, assign
Taxonomy, create
Taxonomy, edit
Taxonomy, delete
Taxonomy, assign
Google Analytics
Redirects, manage
Theme, view
Theme, edit
Switch shortcut sets
Display Modes
Content types, create
Contact Forms
Image styles, edit