SiteFarm 8.0.0

Changelog SiteFarm Release 8.0.0

The SiteFarm team's most recent development cycle is complete and the slate of new features, updates, patches, and bug fixes will be available on Monday, May 18, 2020. The latest update contains several items requested by members of our user community and we thank you again for your interest in being a collaborative partner in our improvement process.

Pre-populate a field with the submitter's CAS ID.

You may have any number of reasons why you may need to collect the official Kerberos of CAS ID of the person submitting a webform on your site. It's not immediately obvious how to do it, so let's take a moment to outline the steps.

Advanced Access Content Control

This is a BETA module
Please note that, while functional, it is not the full, stable release and could contain bugs.
Please be aware that its features and interface could change over time.

Tracking Drupal Roles from Google Analytics

Roles are tracked by default

Out of the box, the user roles you assign to people are tracked by Google Analytics as a default setting. It's understandable if you have concerns over how this might affect your site's web traffic numbers, so if reviewing your analytics on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining your web presence, we'll show you how to hide user roles from Google.

Node View Permissions

To use this feature you must have both the Site Manager and Site Builder roles. What is Node View Permissions?

This module provides a simple means to control view access, by role, of your custom content types. It allows two permissions:

  1. View any content
  2. View own content

How you might use the Node View Permissions module

Export data from a View

What is View Data Export?

View data export is a module that allows you to export the data from a View into a CSV, XML and other data types. The module is disabled by default and can be enabled by a Site Builder, or you can request we enable it for you via the Service Request Form.

Adding users to your site

The latest version of the CAS module now includes the ability to add a single user or perform a bulk operation to add multiple users sharing the same role assignment. Whichever option you choose to pursue, you first will use your admin panel to navigate to Manage » People

  Add a single CAS user
  1. Click on the + Add user button.