Node View Permissions

To use this feature you must have both the Site Manager and Site Builder roles.

What is Node View Permissions?

This module provides a simple means to control view access, by role, of your custom content types. It allows two permissions:

  1. View any content
  2. View own content

How you might use the Node View Permissions module

One of the most straightforward uses for this feature is to create a limited, closed environment that's available only to a small group of people, like an intranet. Access for people external to your office would require that you provide the people who should see this content with a basic account with NO role attached. This will give them the Authenticated level of access, but will not allow them to edit or create content. If you're thinking that only people with, for example, a Site Manager role should see the content, you can use the Permissions panel to restrict the access. In certain circumstances it's possible that a custom role may need to be created. Contact the SiteFarm team to discuss your needs further in case our help is required in order to reach your goal. 

Enabling Node View Permissions

The module is installed on your site and is available, but can only be enabled by a Site Builder or a member of the SiteFarm team via the Service Request Form.

If you're a Site Builder you can:

  1. Navigate to Manage » Extend.
  2. Use the search/filter field and type 'view node permissions'.
  3. Check the box for the module and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Install button.
  4. Your site may indicate that you need to rebuild permissions. Go ahead and do so to complete the installation process.

Where to view the Node Permissions

This feature is available for your custom content types and can be accessed and configured by navigating to Manage » Configuration » SiteFarm section » Permissions.

A screenshot of the Permissions panel focusing on the two permission types available for a custom content type.
Example of the Intranet custom content type created for this example. A Site Builder can now use this section to restrict who can view the Intranet content type's pages.