Masquerade your way to better testing

As a Site Manager and Builder, you may find yourself being able to see too much. It's not true to what your users will see and you're not sure how the changes you're making will affect users with a restricted view based on their roles and permissions. For security reasons the Masquerade module has been restricted to the SiteFarm team, but we still have a method for you to feel confident the site configurations you make are the right ones for the roles involved.

Node View Permissions

To use this feature you must have both the Site Manager and Site Builder roles. What is Node View Permissions?

This module provides a simple means to control view access, by role, of your custom content types. It allows two permissions:

  1. View any content
  2. View own content

How you might use the Node View Permissions module

Intranet: Register non-UC Davis users with moderated approval

We had a recent request asking how a SiteFarm client could set up their site for visitors outside UC Davis, but restrict their access pending a Site Manager's ability to approve the account. It posed an interesting use case and touches on similar requests we've received in the past. Here's a formal breakdown of the steps we took to create a self-registering intranet with manager approval.