Service Updates

Development Cycle 2023

The SiteFarm team has been hard at work the past few months researching, planning, and developing to create new features, improvements to existing offerings, and fixes for troublesome bottlenecks. Our work will be released over three phases with Phase 1 dropping April 22, 2023 with forecasted release dates for the remaining phases. Keep reading to see what's changing!

Change log - We've Launched SiteFarm's New Look

We pleased to announce the release of the SiteFarm redesign! In keeping with campus policy, we have worked closely with the Office of Strategic Communications on the design with active input from our user community to create our new 2021 theme. The changes primarily focus on aesthetic updates and usability tweaks, though we've added a couple of new features too. If you haven't been following our Redesign Overview page in the last six months, read on to get the list of changes along with their links to new or updated training documentation.

How Refreshing! SiteFarm announces 2nd refresh and new launch date

Our team has spent the last couple of weeks closely reviewing the feedback, comments, and bug reports you’ve sent in and we appreciate the time and effort you took in doing so. We're taking your words to heart and reworking our process to include a second refresh beginning at noon on Friday, May 14th with a new release date of July 10, 2021.

SiteFarm gets even Fastly-er

SiteFarm is using a new service called Fastly to improve speed, security, and cost-savings. The change will also affect how you launch your sites, so if you're a site manager it's imperative you catch up to this update.

New feature request tool in SiteFarm

One of the things we love about working with all of you is your interest in seeing SiteFarm improve and grow. Many of you have offered ideas that have been instrumental to our development path and overall vision for the future. We want to make it even easier for you to get involved. Welcome to