The SiteFarm logo overtop of a blended watercolor effect. Designed by Anthony Horn.
Time for a change in digital couture! Now with new accessories!

Change log - We've Launched SiteFarm's New Look

A full platform update

Quick Summary

  • New look
  • New widgets
  • Improved features

We pleased to announce the release of the SiteFarm redesign! In keeping with campus policy, we have worked closely with the Office of Strategic Communications on the design with active input from our user community to create our new 2021 theme. The changes primarily focus on aesthetic updates and usability tweaks, though we've added a couple of new features too. If you haven't been following our Redesign Overview page in the last six months, read on to get the list of changes along with their links to new or updated training documentation.

List of New, Modified, or Deprecated Elements in the New Design

  • Site body
    • Style updated: the full background of our default pages is now white instead of a very light gray with white content and block bodies.
  • Page Regions
    • Updated to combine Search with Quick Links on the right side of the Navigation bar.
    • New region: Pre-Title, an edge-to-edge display
      • Will contain the Primary Image Banner blocks as described below.
    • Documentation
  • New Page Title Primary Image handling
    • Prior to the rollout the Page title and accompanying Primary image (if available) were combined into a single element on the page—the title text on a colored ribbon and the image in the background. In the redesign this is changing for a clear separation between titles and images into their own blocks.
    • Primary Image Banners will appear in the the Pre-Title region, and Page Titles in the Page Title region.
      • Primary Image Banner - Content: This block holds the primary image you associate with any of our page types that allow a Primary Image. No changes have been made in the user interface or in how you attach the image. Do not delete or move this block.
      • Primary Image Banner - Taxonomy: A new Primary Image field associated with the Article Category terms. Each individual term can now be provided with its own Primary Image and this block is responsible for displaying that image appropriately. Do not delete or move this block.
  • Column Layout widget
    • A new feature available from the WYSIWYG, via the widget menu, that will create up to four columns within the body of your content. It offers various configuration options, including presentations narrower than the page width, slightly wider than the page width, and complete edge-to-edge presentation. Space between multiple "rows" of columns and between the columns themselves can also be chosen from presets.
    • Documentation
  • Blockquote Style available from the Pullquote WYSIWYG
    • Blockquotes and Pullquotes now each have a distinct style. We strongly recommend reviewing any text in your pages you may have assigned the quote style and instead use the Indent icon if drawing emphasis to the text was the desire instead of creating an actual quotation.
    • Blockquote now also includes right and left-aligned quotes to float alongside body text.
    • If you would like to style a citation or author credit at the bottom of the quote, add a new line and apply the Italic format to your text.
    • Documentation
  • Tables
    • Table cell text will now be aligned vertically to the top of the cell by default instead of vertically centered.
    • Tables will now include a responsive feature so small screens can side-scroll to see the information.
    • Documentation
  • Anchor Links
    • Users will now need to manually create their in-page anchor links with the # notation and regular links to external pages will need to be correctly formatted with the proper http or https prefix. This change relates to the new/restored links on images feature mentioned below.
    • Documentation
  • Links on images
    • Users will be able to enclose an image with a URL link to internal and external page destinations. To accommodate this popular request, we removed the WYSIWYG anchor link plugin and users will use the default Link icon to create anchors. By removing the plugin, the underlying Drupal programming can now use the built-in Link option which works natively with Media Library and will let you surround media in links.
    • Documentation
  • Feature box
    • New: ability to insert an optional image or a video at the top above the Title section.
    • Documentation
  • Article content type
    • New checkbox: Hide Primary image (Hide the primary image from being displayed on the Article body, but will show on teaser)
    • New field: Subtitle
    • New field: By line
    • New multi-line field: Quick summary
    • New textarea: News resources
    • New under Categorizing, second Taxonomy option: Secondary category
    • Documentation
  • Person content type
    • New field: Preferred Pronouns
    • New field: Related Unit(s)
      • The old unit field is now under Categorizing in the sidebar as Custom Unit.
    • Documentation
  • Marketing Highlight block
    • Style is updated
    • New configuration option: Apply featured styling to the block
    • Documentation
  • Marketing Highlight - Horizontal block
    • Style is updated: title bar appears at the bottom of the block instead of across the bottom third of the image
  • Focal Link block
    • While it may feel that the Focal link block is different, no changes have been made. The change to the site's background body color to white and the lack of a bounding box around the Focal link gives the illusion the block itself has changed.
  • Focus Box block
    • Style is updated - title background still has a palette color applied, and the body will have a lighter tint.
  • Image Banner block
    • Style is updated
    • Default width now slightly exceeds the width of the content region.
  • Hero Banner block
    • Edge-to-edge appearance if placed in the Pre-title Region
    • New video link button style: via checkbox round option
    • Two new additional height styles available
    • Documentation
  • Media Library
  • Taxonomy and Categorization
    • An update for Articles, allowing for the option for a single primary and multiple secondary categories
    • Documentation

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