A series of shiny interlocking gear cogs working together by Arek Socha on Pixabay.com.

Change Log - 10.0.1

While our latest update over the weekend implemented several fixes and adjustments, the list of those of interest to you is short, but significant.

  • Trumba deprecated - As has been widely communicated, the Trumba calendar service is no longer being supported. This update removed any blocks still existing on SiteFarm sites and disabled the related module. Related training documentation will be removed and archived shortly.
  • Block placement fix - A user with the Site Manager role discovered an issue wherein they were unable to place blocks via the Block Layout page or within Layout Builder. This has been resolved.
  • New Feature - Webform Attachments - allows you to direct files uploaded by visitors to a designated email inbox via the webform's email handler. We want to stress the importance of reviewing the configuration instructions and applying all possible modes of security

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