Webform Attachments

What is "Webform Attachments"?

This is an add-on module specifically for the Webform system. It's available, but must be enabled either by a user with the Site Manager/Site Builder role combination or by submitting the Service Request Form and checking the appropriate entry for this feature. The latter option will generate a ticket in ServiceNow and a member of our team will enable this service on your site for you.

How does Webform Attachments work?

Webform Attachments is a two-part configuration process that allows your visitors to upload a file that then can be directed to an email inbox of your choosing via the webform's email handler as a file attachment. The file will also be available in the webform's Results section stored directly on your site.

How to configure the File Upload element on the webform

These settings are the base level of configuration you should set, but you can also review the other available settings to configure them to meet your webform's particular needs.

  1. Once you have created your webform, click on the + Add element button and, from the dialog window, type in "File".
  2. Once the File option appears, click its corresponding Add element button to insert it into your webform.
  3. Provide a Title.
  4. If necessary, edit the Key name so the machine name is short, but recognizable.
  5. Set how many files the person is allowed to upload. For the sake of security, keep this number as limited as possible.
  6. Maximum file size: set this to 10MB to correspond with email file limitations set in the campus mailing system.
  7. Allowed file extensions: Only list the ones you absolutely need. 
    • Allowable file types include: gif jpg png bmp eps tif pict psd txt rtf html odf pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml avi mov mp3 ogg wav bz2 dmg gz jar rar sit svg tar zip
  8. Sanitize file name checkbox: Recommended.
  9. Save your changes.

How to configure the Email Handler to utilize webform attachments

  1. Click on your webform's Settings tab, then the Emails/Handlers link.
  2. Click the + Add email button.
  3. Provide a Title that makes this easy to identify in your Email handler list.
  4. Send to section:
    1. Either leave the To email as its default, or from the menu, select Custom to email address and entered your preferred email(s).
  5. Send from section:
    1. Optional, but you can set the From email and From name if you don't want to leave it as the defaults. For identification purposes, if you've included a way for your visitors to enter their name and email address, you may want to use these in this section.
  6. Message section: Provide an easily identifiable subject line that will appear when it arrives in your targeted email inbox.
  7. Attachments section: check the box for "Include files as attachments".
  8. Save your changes.


Security Considerations

Consider taking all necessary precautions to protect your form from spammers, bots, and malicious actors, especially if your form is available to the public. We strongly recommend reviewing our Vimeo video "Four approaches to reducing spam" to help you.