System blocks

CourseLeaf Catalog blocks

What are the CourseLeaf Catalog blocks?

The CourseLeaf catalog blocks are a collection of four individual blocks that pull information from the UC Davis General Catalog into your site, allowing you to show relevant course, program, and departmental information from the original source without needing to maintain it.

CourseLeaf blocks

You have four blocks available in this new system:

People related to content blocks

The site gives you two different system blocks for the purpose of featuring specific individuals as a sidenote to a page's main content:

Disqus Comment block

Interested in promoting a dialogue with your readers? Use this system block to incorporate the Disqus service into your pages.

Webform Block

The Webform block is a system block (View) that creates a container you can assign to a page region and then select an existing webform to display within that container.

Reusing your blocks

One of the powerful benefits of using a content management system like Drupal is the ability to reuse the blocks available in the service, but reusing your blocks can mean a couple different possibilities:

RSS Feed block

The RSS Feed block is a system block (View) that will pull in information from an external source of your choosing and display the RSS content within the block container in the page on which it has been placed.