CourseLeaf Catalog blocks

What are the CourseLeaf Catalog blocks?

The CourseLeaf catalog blocks are a collection of four individual blocks that pull information from the UC Davis General Catalog into your site, allowing you to show relevant course, program, and departmental information from the original source without needing to maintain it.

CourseLeaf blocks

You have four blocks available in this new system:

  • Course Catalog block - accepts one course code and displays its details (ex. ANT 147)
    • Course number field (as set in the General Catalog)
  • Catalog Courses by Subject Code block - lists courses available in a program (ex. ANT)
    • Program Subject Code field (as set in the General Catalog)
    • Course Numbers Starting Number field (default begins at 1)
    • Course Numbers Ending Number field (default ends at 400)
  • Catalog Department Program block - outputs all the departmental page information based on a link
    (ex. departments-programs-degrees/anthropology/anthropology-bs/)
    • Path field (URL should be taken from General Catalog)
    • Program Tab Visibility:
      • Show Requirements Tab, checked by default
      • Show Information Tab, unchecked and optional
  • CourseLeaf Catalog Page block - outputs the entire page from a Department Catalog Page Path
    (ex. undergraduate-education/letters-science/)
    • Path field (URL should be taken from General Catalog)

Block Configuration

As these are system blocks that rely on external content to display information on your own site, the amount of input required to make them work is very limited; a single field needs to be configured with the appropriate information as indicated above in order to connect with the General Catalog. Users will have the ability to set the following additional fields:

  • Title
  • Block styles
    • Title style
    • Sibling column size (default width is recommended)
  • Page visibility
  • Region (Main content, Top content, and Bottom content regions are recommended)

If any of these settings are unfamiliar to you please visit our documentation for Understanding Blocks and how to configure their features.


A demonstration of the catalog blocks provided by Carson Black, the developer responsible for building this addition to SiteFarm. The first half covers how to use the blocks and the second half discusses how the system works and was built.

Catalog Course DEMO

Catalog Department Program: BS in Anthropology DEMO

Courseleaf Catalog Page DEMO