UC Credits block

The UC Credits block is a system block (View) that will display information in the footer of your site based on the configuration options you choose to include. This block is designed to satisfy Campus policy 310-70.

Users can configure the following options to display or not:

Placing blocks

Once your block is created, placing your block is a straightforward process regardless of which outlined method you prefer to use in a given circumstance.

Place Block Button - Attaching a block in-page

This method is recommended if you have single block to add; it's the easiest and quickest approach.

Trumba blocks

UC Davis utilizes the Trumba system for its central calendaring and event listing needs, which can also be used in your SiteFarm site. 

Calendars displayed can use your own department's Trumba account ID or an account ID of another department on campus, such as Academic Dates,  Athletics, or Arts and Entertainment.

"Why can some people see my blocks and others can't?"

January 31, 2017
A SiteFarmer reported a problem with trying to share early site creation efforts with members of her department only to discover that many of their viewing experiences were different from her own. On closer examination, she found that her colleagues couldn't see some of the blocks, but given that she could see them, it made for a confusing situation. What's happening here?

Follow Us - social media links block

If your unit maintains a presence in social media as part of your departmental outreach, you can give your visitors a way to interact with and promote your content through the social media links "Follow Me" block.

Location of the Follow Me social media links block

Custom submenus

This content is lifted from the larger write-up about submenu navigation from Secondary Submenus, but focuses exclusively on the third method involving the creation of a block.

Method 3 - Create a new Sub main menu block

A menu-based block is available that will allow you to create submenu navigation in regions of your choosing, including custom menus restricted to subsections or individual pages.

AggieFeed Block

What is AggieFeed?

AggieFeed is a campus aggregator that will retrieve news posts from different departments on campus that are members of the AggieFeed system. The block is designed to display the news items based on your configuration choices.

Hero banner

The Hero Banner gives the chance to create a block that is the full width of the screen containing a large image, with a call to action link, a link to media, which is ideally intended for your home page.