Webform Block

The Webform block is a system block (View) that creates a container you can assign to a page region and then select an existing webform to display within that container.

Insert a Webform block into a page

  1. Take note of your target page's URL, then click Shortcuts » Blocks to go to the Block Layout page.
  2. On the Block Layout page, locate the region where you would like to place your block and click its Place Block button.
  3. In the 'Filter by block name' field, type in Webform. It should also say 'Webform' in the category. Click the Place block button.
  4. In the Configure block screen, you will be able to provide:
    • Title (optional display)
    • Webform - select the title of the webform you previously created
    • Block Styles
      • Title style (optional)
      • Sibling column size (optional)
    • Page | Visibility
  5. Click Save block to finish.