Content related by Tags

If you've been working with SiteFarm's various page types for a little while, you probably noticed that certain content types, like Article and Events, allow you to relate content through a Category taxonomy. It may have occurred to you that it would be great to relate content in a similar way even if it doesn't have access to the Category system.

Instead, what we have to offer you, is a system block called Content related by Tags.

What is it and how does it work?

Content related by Tags is a system block, which means, unlike a custom block, this itself won't contain manually-entered information; instead, it will locate and pull in data from existing content containing any Tag term the page with the block attached also lists.

Let's take an example:

A Basic page titled "Research" has the following tags:

  • research
  • biology
  • marine biology
  • bodega
  • cmsi
  • ocean studies

The Content related by Tags block is added to the Research page's right sidebar. If any content, regardless of content type, contains any of these tags, they will be displayed in the sidebar. How much content is displayed is based on your choice of output limit, but you should note the output will be displayed by its Authored On date from newest to oldest.

Take a look at the Demo block attached on this page and note the tags added at the bottom. The content listed is directly correlated to the choice of tags entered on this page.

Be warned: if a page does not include a primary image, the Content related by Tag block will only display the page's title.

How to add the Content related by Tags block
  1. Navigate to and Edit the page where the list of related content should be displayed.
  2. Make certain you have Tags entered into your Additional Options » Categorizing section.
  3. Click Shortcuts » Blocks to go to the Block Layout page
  4. On the Block Layout page, locate the region where you would like to place your block and click its Place Block button.
  5. In the dialogue box that appears, type in 'Content related by Tags' and click the Place Block button.
  6. Configure your block's settings, including:
    • Optional Title display
    • Items per block
    • Override default title
    • Title style
    • Sibling column size
  7. Click Save to continue.
  8. If the site takes you to the Block Layout screen, use the Back to Site button to return to your page to review the output.