Reusing your blocks

One of the powerful benefits of using a content management system like Drupal is the ability to reuse the blocks available in the service, but reusing your blocks can mean a couple different possibilities:

Same Block Settings Reuse (set through Page Visibility)
  • Requirement: Absolutely everything about the block--its text, image(s), configuration, region placement--is identical.
  • This is ideal for creating a single source of content that is reused across multiple locations, making it easier to update and disseminate.
  • You can use the block's Page Visibility section to list all the pages or sections where this block should be used. This is ideal if the block will always be re-used in the same region regardless of which page displays it.
Same Block Instance Reuse - Place Block
  • Once the block is created you can use the Place Block button multiple times to create individual instances of it.
  • Each time you use Place Block, it creates a duplicate of the block, which allows you to change its:
    • content
    • region placement
    • display output
  • Used when you want to re-use an already configured and populated block, but you want it to show up in a different region than it does on one or more pages.