Block regions

Reusing your blocks

One of the powerful benefits of using a content management system like Drupal is the ability to reuse the blocks available in the service, but reusing your blocks can mean a couple different possibilities:

Placing blocks

Once your block is created, placing your block is a straightforward process regardless of which outlined method you prefer to use in a given circumstance.

Place Block Button - Attaching a block in-page

This method is recommended if you have single block to add; it's the easiest and quickest approach.

Sibling grids

What is the Sibling Grid?

As an interim solution, the SiteFarm team created an option called Sibling Grid that will allow you to line two or three blocks side by side in a row. This is configured through the settings in each block. Please note that this system is imperfect and is only a placeholder for the official Layout system currently in development by the Drupal User Community.

Top and Bottom content regions

These two regions, located above and below the Content region respectively, can be configured to output more complex, custom layouts.

To implement the Top and Bottom Content regions: