Block regions

Priority Link blocks

Introduced in SiteFarm 5.0.0, the Priority Link blocks seek to offer a way to mimic a very popular presentation of the main links on the UC Davis' home page.

The SiteFarm version includes:

Reusing your blocks

One of the powerful benefits of using a content management system like Drupal is the ability to reuse the blocks available in the service, but reusing your blocks can mean a couple different possibilities:

Placing blocks

Once your block is created, placing your block is a straightforward process regardless of which outlined method you prefer to use in a given circumstance.

Place Block Button - Attaching a block in-page

This method is recommended if you have single block to add; it's the easiest and quickest approach.

Sibling grids

What is the Sibling Grid?

The Sibling Grid is a very basic layout option.

Top and Bottom content regions

These two regions, located above and below the Content region respectively, can be configured to output more complex, custom layouts.