New and Updated

Title Details Date Changed
"Why and how did my user's account status change?" New - Our programmatic tie-in to the campus' Identity Access Management service means that user accounts will be blocked if they ever separate from UC Davis. This tie-in also leverages the IAM service to support the campus' Gender Recognition & Lived Name Initiative when Site Managers create an account based on the user's Kerberos ID information.
Media Captions Updated - now shows the updated method of adding captions to media via CKEditor 5. Please note that our custom feature to auto-populate the Caption field with the caption info you may have added to an image when uploading it to your Media Library no longer functions in CKEditor 5. We're attempting to bring this feature back, but thus far it's proving complicated. Please follow the suggested workaround as the new default process.
Internal Redirects Updated - When creating redirects, please do not redirect images, especially if found listed in the 404 list and/or begin with the pathway "sites/g".