"Why and how did my user's account status change?"

Accounts can change without your intervention in specific circumstances

As a Site Manager, your role provides you with all the necessary permissions to add, modify, and delete a user's account. You can also set accounts to active or blocked, the latter of which restricts a person from logging in even if their account remains on the site. That said, there are also processes occuring in the background that can affect a user's account once its been created by you or another Site Manager on your site, or by a member of our team.

Lived Name
With the advent of the Gender Recognition & Lived Name (GRLN) Initiative we have updated our programming to tie directly into the campus' Identity Access Management (IAM) service so that students, staff, and faculty have the option to present themselves to the world as they wish and have their gender and lived name information be reflected accurately in their SiteFarm account provided that Site Managers utilize the appropriate steps to add their users via the + Add CAS user(s) button. The backend programming does all the work for you and fills in their name, email, and Kerberos ID information on the site. If the user chooses to update their profile information, the site account will update accordingly to reflect this new information.

Account Status
If we fast forward for a given user, this same system tie-in will also update their status information from Active to Blocked if they ever separate from UC Davis. This is an automated process and doesn't require your intervention at all unless the person returns, in which case you will need to edit the person's account and change their status back to Active so they can login and edit content.